Aurora Fine Arts: Guwahati

38, Industrial Estate, 5th Bye Lane, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-781024 (Assam)
Phone: 0361-2131712, 9435110464, 9435110465



Since its conception in 1989 the Aurora Fine Arts group has grown to become one of the NE’s premier print organisation gives service to all North Eastern states.

With modern printing plants we enjoy an envisable list of clients who have remained loyal to Aurora Fine Arts for many years. Our commitment to investment in the latest technology and equipment has ensured that the Aurora Fine Arts remains one of the leading printing press in the North East of India providing an innovative and flexible service to our valued clients.

Our 18000 sft. printing complex, in Industrial Esate, Bamunimaidam, consists of 2 factories. A commercial printing facility situated in 5th by lane of Bamunimaidam producing Magazines, Porotional materials, Annual Report, Calendars, Posters Books etc. The other printing factory situated in ASIDC’s shed at Industrial Area producing colour textbook with quality perfect binding.

In January 2016, we have imported and installed a highly soplisticated brand new KOMORI Enthron 4 colour sheetfed press from Japan. The machine is equipped with PCC software device for automatic ink/colour control and ensured 100% perfect quality.

During the last few years we have invested in one AKIYAMA 4 colour sheetfed offset, two 4+4 high (back to back) web offset, two nos Sakurai 26X37 single colour sheetfed, KONICA MINOLTA Digital Press and many other machineries in pre-press and postpress section.

We continue to develop our quality and infrustructure with new Technologies. The group also has a continuous improvement training and development skills programme to ensure our most valuable assets our staff, are fully equipped to handle all our customer requests in this fast
changing competitive world.


Commercial Printing
1. Annual Reports
2. Magazines
3. Newsletters
4. Product Catalogues
5. Brochures
6. Calendars
7. Books
8. Diaries
9. Business Directories
10. Greeting Cards
11. Wedding Cards
12. Labels
13. Lottery Tickets
14. Posters
15. Danglers
16. Leaflets
17. Newspaper
18. Packaging Items

1.    Pcs
2.    HP Laser Jets in A4 & A5 size with colour options
3.    Imposition Work Stations
4.    Canon Scanner
5.    Technova Viostar CTP
6.    Raptor85 Polymer Plate processor
7.    Auto print Plate processor

1.     KOMORI Enthron 4 colour sheetfed offset - 1No.
2.     AKIYAMA 4 Colour sheetfed offset - 1No.
3.     Sakurai 1 colour sheetfed offset - 2Nos.
4.     86cm 4 High offset (4+4 colour) web offset - 2Nos.
5.     76 cut off (4+4 colour) web offset - 1No.
6.     86 cut off Single colour (1 + 1) web offset - 1No.
7.     76 cut off Single colour (1+1) web offset - 1No.
8.     KONICA MINOLTA Digital Press. - 1No.

Post-press Finishing
1.     5 Clamp perfect binding- Muller Martini
2.     6 Clamp perfect binding- Welbound
3.     Single Clamp perfect binding- Welbound
4.     Folding Machine- Welbound
5.     Book section Sewing Machine
6.     Polar (90) Cutting Machine
7.     Fuji (115) cutting Machine
8.     J.M. brand manual Cutting Machine 4 nos.
9.     Auto Wire-o- Insert & Closing
10.  Manual Wire-o-Closing (JB)
11.  2x Lamtex Lamination
12.  Sheet Punching
13.  Rollem (Creasing, Perforation and 1/2 cut)
14. ‘ Autoprint’ digital numbering and creaser.


38, Industrial Estate, 5th Bye Lane, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-781024 (Assam)
Phone: 0361-2131712, 9435110464, 9435110465