Kamakhya Temple


The Kamakhya Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Goddess Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva. It is situated at the Nilachal Hill in the bank of a great river the Brahmaputra, in Guwahati City (Assam).

There is not any statue, idol or image of Kamakhya Devi in the main worship area except a sculptured image or shape of Yoni (Vagina) can be found in the main cave (Garbha Griha). This temple is so old that it is widely mentioned in “Devi Bhagavata” , “Devi Purana”, “Kalika Purana”, “Yogini Tantra” and “Tantra Chudamani” etc. The Kamakhya Temple is regarded as belonging to a Goddess who represents the pro-creative aspects of nature. Devi Kamakhya is a Mother Goddess. The Kamakhya Temple can be considered as a complex consisting of several temples around Devi Kamakhya Temple. The 10 Mahavidyas reside around Devi Kamakhya which are Bhuvaneshwari, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Dhumavati, Kamala, Chinnamasta, Tripura Sundari, Tara, Kaali and Bhairavi.

It is believed that Goddess Kamakhya is the Goddess of fertility and love. The Goddess undergoes a menstrual cycle for 3 days every year. It is also believed that due to the menstruation of Kamakhya Devi, the river Brahmaputra turns red.

05:30 AM    - Sanana of Pithasthana (To bath the Goddess)
06:00 AM    - Nitya Puja (Routine Worship)
08:00 AM    - Main Door opens for devotees
01:00 PM    - Main door closed for cooked offerings to Goddess
02:30 PM    - Main door re-opens for devotees
05:30 PM    - Evening Aarati followed by temple closing till next morning.

There is not any officially defined timing for the visit of devotees and pilgrims from the temple authorities. However anyone can visit this place everyday between 5:30 AM and 10:00 PM.

By Road: Taxi, Buses and Auto-rickshaws available any time from morning till night.
By Railways: Approx. 7 Kms from Guwahati Railway Station and 5 kms from Kamakhya Railway Station.
By Air: It is about 20 Kms from LGBI (Guwahati Airport). Taxi and Bus services available throughout the day.