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We provide Hughes Net VSAT which runs on KU-Band frequency to our customers. It consists of a 1.2 mtr. Antenna reflector, one 2watt radio and a HN9260 satellite modem. VSAT is an unique equipment which can be used in a small office or home to achieve Broad band Internet directly via satellite. Basically a VSAT can be used in surfing websites, send/receive email, Air ticket booking, Railway reservation, Online Surveys, Online data entry, Cyber café, Institutes, Resorts etc.



      •           Easy to Purchase & Install.bnr_broadband_satellite_sys.jpg
      •           Easy to handle and operate.
      •         Low Bandwidth charges per month.
      •         24x7 customer support.
      •         Can be Installed anywhere just by providing clear LOS of South-West.
      •         User friendly interface.
      •         Fully Secured.
      •         Low risks for virus and spyware.
      •         Low Power consumption.
      •         2 watt radio for instant buffering


    HN9260 Satellite Modem

    The HN9260 Satellite Modem along with the DVB-S2 ACM supporting adaptive coding as well as the modulation (ACM) , which is on the outbound channel. The operators can also achieve the significant bandwidth efficiency and also provide the high availability services.


    The HN9260, is part of Hughes HN9260 family, is especially designed to offer a high-speed access for the user of home office, small office and the enterprise markets. Specifically designed for providing the both versatility as well as performance, the HN9260 also provides unmatched performance even for the bandwidth-intensive applications.


    HN9260 satellite router, the HN9260 also operates with all the Hughes HN systems and further uses the industry standards of DVB-S or DVB-S2. As a result, this HN9260 can be configured with ease in order to support a large range of the downstream data rates by choosing the varied symbol, modulation and FEC coding rates. The downstream is also scalable up to the 121 Mbps and also the upstream return channel, which is scalable up to 1.6 Mbps. The HN9260 further offers an integrated broadband LAN solution to the Windows, Macintosh,Unix, Apple and the various other platforms, which are running IP over Ethernet. The HN9260 also coexists with the prior generations of DW terminals, hence, ascertaining the protection of the investments of the service operators.


    The HN9260 also receives and then transmits the data over the satellite through the Hughes HN Network Operations Center (NOC). The TCP connections can also be started to or from the hosts at the various remote locations. Security is also ensured through the DES encryption as well as an integrated conditional access. Additionally, all the user intranet communications can be further isolated from the other enterprise intranets as well as from the remote terminals by accessing the Public Internet through operating in this network.


    The HN9260 broadband satellite modem also passes the IP data packets to and from the any other IP device on the LAN. It also has more functionality of an IP modem. The HN9260 also has Hughes’ advanced performance and enhancing proxy (PEP) feature, which enhances throughput performance and also optimizes the user’s experience as well as satisfaction. The HN9260 supports Hughes’ TurboPage feature, offering the HTTP acceleration for the lightning-fast browser performance. Further, our HN9260 also supports latest Quality of Service features in order to ensure that our clients get the priority and then bandwidth they require.



    • Supports unicast as well as multicast IP traffic
    • Implements the performance enhancement proxy (PEP) software in order to accelerate a throughput performance by maximizing the TCP transmission over a satellite, thus delivering the excellent user experience as well as link efficiency
    • Automatic Software and the configuration updates through download from the NOC
    • Supports Hughes VPN Accelerator
    • Implements Turbo Page software in order to accelerate HTTP traffic for a speedy browser access
    • Configuration, and status monitoring along with commissioning via NOC


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